Habitat: Spatterdock is part of the floating-leaved plant community, growing in depths up to 2 meters. It is especially abundant in still or slow moving waters with soft sediments. Spatterdock can grow in sun or shade, but flowers more readily in good light.

Description: Spatterdock is a floating-leaved perennial. The leaves are elongate and heart-shaped, 7 to 40cm long, with rounded lobes. The lobes are parallel or overlapping and the leaf notch is usually less than half the length of the midrib. The leaf and flower stalks emerge from a thick spongy rhizome marked with a spiraling pattern of leaf scars. The leaf stalks are thick and elastic. One side of the stalk is rounded, flaring out at the edges to create wing-like structures that run the length of the stalk. The other side is more flattened. The stalks are unbranching; each stalk supports one leaf. The flowers of spatterdock are yellow and ball shaped with 5 or 6 petals around a yellowish-green stigmatic disk. The disk eventually develops into a large seedpod that is shaped like a barrel or vase.